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Creative / Founder / Hundredaire​

After 10 years producing and directing in the UK & Ireland, Donogh moved to Dublin for the tropical weather and founded StormLight. He flits betwen Dublin & Manchester, gargling 80's theme tunes like a boss. 

Odette knows everyone and everyplace and is really rather good at getting them all together. She heads up our Production Services and serially saves seals too.


Producer / Fixer / Extraordinaire


Producer / Director / Debonaire

Folks have been kind enough to keep throwing awards at our Lochlainn. He’s ever keen to explain the offside rule and strives to maintain equilibrium in our mad wonderful mixing pot. 


New Business


With 30 years in the film industry, Richard liaises with our industrious, intelligent clients.

Once, in the bad old days of advertising, Ridley Scott took him on a sort of 

holiday to the Seychelles.


Planner / PA /


Sarah is the superglue that surrounds and binds our productions together. Often consisting of telling us which way to face in the airport.


Decency Czar / Biscuiteer

Maggie keeps our moral compass magnetised, while crucially preserving our dark art of biscuit making.


CEO / Mercenary / Bear

After promptly escaping from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles Underground in 1972, Production Bear survives as a soldier of fortune.

She shoots. You score...


Check out the latest news from our continuing voyages in Production

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